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Boost customer engagement with AR Staging
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Furnish and refurnish rooms using augmented reality

Showcase real-estate the best way possible, staging it with the most beautiful furniture without the costs of renting and the effort of placing actual physical furniture on location.

Augmented reality staging from ViewAR allows you place 3D models of furniture in a Matterport created digital twin.
Even a fully furnished environment can be digitally emptied after the Matterport scan is created, and staged with augmented reality furniture.

With AR Staging, even fully furnished real estate with outdated furniture can be digitally staged with the latest trends to make it more appealing for your target audience.

Increase sales and reduce costs using ViewAR's AR Staging and Matterport!

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How does it work?


Scan your location by using a Matterport 3D camera or hire a professional service partner near you.

1. Scan your location

(Re)Furnish rooms with Augmented Reality. Add and place 3D furniture models into your digital twin environment using our Admin-interface.

2. Add 3D Furniture Models

Showcase the Augmented Reality Staging on location in the actual physical space and see all 3D furniture models as if they were placed in the real environment.

3. Use at your location

AR staging features


Remove unwanted objects and litter from rooms that are actually furnished.

Empty Rooms

Add furniture & products to a location using augmented reality.

Furnish Rooms

Stay up-to-date and replace outdated furniture with modern interior.

Refurnish rooms

Try different products, move them around and explore different solutions.


Use your mobile device and start walking through your newly (re)furnished location.


Create and present a realistic preview of your location.

Room builder

AR staging: Ready to use in Many Places


Save thousands of dollars and valuable listing time while increasing lead generation by breaking down the visualization barrier that often accompanies the house and apartment hunting process. taged homes close faster and at higher rates. Physical stagings are expensive, time consuming and can delay the listing process.

Real Estate

Create a lifelike preview of your building using our renderings and animations to visualize your projects. Virtually placed objects are layered within the physical environment to create an enhanced and immersive impression of your interior plans and for visualization even in the construction phase of your project.


Turn your customer’s empty apartment or workplace into a fully furnished place where they feel comfortable and at home. With AR staging you can offer immersive virtual apartment viewings to your clients.

Interior Design

Explore our ViewAR solutions
with Matterport


Offer visitors unique augmented reality guided tours creating an enhanced immersive experience.


Enhance the retail experience with augmented reality information, guiding, advertising and more.


Optimize processes, access data & applications based on you position and pose saving costs with

Industrial AR.

Industrial AR

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